SHOUT OUT: Wisco Girls Are Hitting the Trails With a New Blog!

Hello lovelies!

We’re excited to announce the creation of Wisco Girl on the Trails!

This is a blog that will feature our experiences as we explore all sorts of trails this summer state wide. A list is already in the making and we are excited to hit the ground running. While we know that not everyone who follows our blog lives in the beautiful (and yet weather tempermental) state of Wisconsin, we are hoping that down the road, we will get to travel out of state and possibly out of country, to explore even more trails. So if you know of any good ones, drop them in the comment section below!

Until then, we will travel around Wisconsin and if you ever happen to find yourself within the state lines, perhaps you can check out the trails too!

*Note: You will see a new tab on our menu that will take you directly to the blog.