Succulent Secrets

Houseplants and succulents can be a great addition to any living space. The extra pop of color can really brighten up a space, but did you know that there are also health benefits to having them around? Some of these benefits are listed below as well as tips on taking care of your beautiful plants.

1. Increase Productivity

Indoor plants just tend to make you feel more relaxed and concentrated. Having them around throughout your home, apartment, or dorm room, just seems to put you in an overall better mood, thus increasing your productivity as well!

2. You Can Put Them Anywhere

Succulents and cacti can pretty much be put anywhere and be able to survive with minimal care needed. As long as they are able to get a small amount of sunlight and you water them once every couple of weeks, you should be good to go while giving the space a pop of color. I am able to keep them alive in my tiny dorm room which probably means they will survive literally anywhere.

3. Help Create Clean Air

By having small plants or succulents around they are in a way filtering the carbon monoxide that you are breathing out and returning you with the wonderful gift of oxygen. Basically, they can help you survive which is pretty important.

Tips For Taking Care of Them

Succulents and cacti in specific are so simple to take care of. You definitely do not need a green thumb in order for them to strive. I water my cacti about once every couple of weeks and my other succulents about once every week. You could also simply put an ice cube in every few weeks and they will stay hydrated that way as well.

The nice things about these types of plants is that they can easily grow inside. As long as they are in front of a window and get some sunlight throughout the day, they will be fine.

Overall succulents are a very easy thing to take care of, but you can get lots of benefits out of them. They can add a nice pop of color, along with some health benefits, at little cost or time commitment from you.

What are some of your favorite houseplants? Until next time lovelies.