Welcome to Wisco Girl Curves!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting our blog. We were inspired to create this by our desire to start changing our lives and habits in order to become healthier and more confident with ourselves.

First off, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Hey everyone!  My name is Hana.

I am currently a full-time college student studying Digital Marketing.  I have definitely gained the Freshman 15, and am now working on losing that again and getting back to my pre-college weight.  Being in school and working a part-time job, does not give me time for much else.  I am hoping to change up my diet and substitute my junk food go-tos for healthy options instead.  I prefer at home workouts over going to the gym, so hopefully, we can discover new ways to be active together!

Hi guys! My name is Kelly.

Five years ago, I had a beautiful baby girl. However, I found that getting back to pre-pregnancy weight is harder than I thought. It does not help that most of the time I turn to unhealthy choices for food but with going to school, working, and being a mom, it is very convenient. However, I am very excited to take steps to change my lifestyle and making healthier choices. I am very much looking forward to sharing my journey with all of you!

Hello lovely people! My name is Abby.

I am currently a full-time special education teacher. I just graduated last May from UW-Madison, so this is my first “big girl” job. I used to be very athletic in high school and college, but in the last few years, the idea of working out and staying healthy has dwindled. I decided that this would be the year to change my life around. I’m excited to take this journey, and have you all along for the ride!