Behind the Scenes

As much as Wisco Girl is growing, we sat back the other day and realized it has become more of a life hacks, tips, tricks, and other health topics. Our specific journeys and struggles have not been documented throughout this whole process. So we had the idea of creating our own separate blogs in addition to the existing two ones. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WISCO GIRL IS DISAPPEARING. We are having a bit of a hard time finding time to meet and schedule content postings because we all have very busy lives. So, below are the newly created individual blogs that we will share experiences and struggles. Feel free to check them out! 🙂

A Blonde’s Blog

This is Hana’s blog. It will document recipes that I try out, workout routines, trips that I take, and other miscellaneous adventures. Since I am a full time student, I may also post planner organization, study habits, and other life and student hacks.

XOXO, Kelly

This one, as the title suggests, belongs to Kelly. The single mom of the group, trying to balance work/life/school at the moment. Here I will be documenting my fitness journey as well as trips, motherhood moments, and general life happenings.

The Triple A Life

This is Abby’s blog. This blog will be talking about the life of a special education teacher; the perks, like summer vacation, as well as the struggles, such as paperwork and challenging behaviors. I hope you all follow my crazy life and those of you who understand, I hope you share your expertise and “magic tricks” with those of us who are still learning.