Summer Plans

We figured we would share some of our plans for the summer with you all. Maybe it will give you some ideas on what to do with your summer 2019.

Wisco Girl Plans

Wisconsin Dells

The Wisco Girls are all heading to the Dells for Hana’s 21st. We will stay for the weekend and swim, shop, and go out on the town.


We have a few different trails planned for hiking this summer which will make for great posts on our Wisco Girl Trails blog page. We have Governor Dodge, Astico, and Mirror Lake planned so far, and possibly a few that we do on our own.

Camping Trip

We will be roughing it in tents come the end of summer. The campground is reserved and we are excited for a nice weekend getaway in nature.

Abby’s Plans

I am doing a lot of traveling with family and friends. All are mostly outdoors of course.

Trip Around Wisconsin

Every year growing up, my family and I would pack up the back of our large family van (there is 9 kids total from a blended family) and drive for one week around Wisconsin. We wouldn’t know where we were going but Mom and Dad would mostly pick one section of Wisconsin. Well, life went on, we all grew up, but Mom decided we needed to bring the crew together this summer. Again, we don’t know where in Wisconsin we will end up but it’s always a great time with the fam!

Island Lake – Mercer, WI

My boyfriend and his family have a cabin on Island Lake waaaaayyy up in Mercer, WI. We go up there to celebrate Memorial day, 4th of July, and Labor day! It’s so nice to relax up where it’s quiet, no cell phone reception, and just good family time.

Country USA

I am so excited to be going to CUSA for the first time ever this year!! I am a HUGE country fan, actually thanks to Wisco Girl Kelly! This is a MUST if you are ever in Wisconsin around summer time. Country fans ALWAYS know how to have a good time.

Kelly’s Plans

The main thing I have planned this summer is hiking trails and camping.

Wisconsin Dells Weekend

A close friend of mine is turning 21 this year and we’re heading to the Dells to celebrate! It is a whole weekend away which sounds amazing to any single mom because let’s be honest, everyone needs a sanity break. Currently in the process of reserving rooms and she’s really excited but I’m not sure if she’ll remember most of the weekend.

Mirror Lake

My other major plan for the summer is a weekend camping trip with friends to Mirror Lake. We have a spot reserved already and equipment inventory is in process. I’m really excited since I haven’t been camping since I was 10 years old.

Hana’s Plans

Noah’s Ark-Wisconsin Dells

My sister and I go here every year in June when they have ‘A Days’. If you had an A on your report card, you are able to get in for free. It is so much fun every year.

Nashville, Tennessee

I will be going on a week long trip down to Nashville with some of my family. I can’t wait to see all the sights and just wander around downtown.

Portland, Oregon

One of my best friends recently moved out to Oregon so I figured it was time that I make her a visit. I have been here once before and it is my favorite state, it is beautiful. I am hoping to do some hiking, and my friend is a photographer so there should be some great pictures to share with you all on our Wisco Girl Trails Blog Page.

Six Flags

My boyfriend and I have season passes, so we will most likely be making quite a few trips here this summer. We usually go with some other friends, but also might make a few solo trips.

Wine Tour

I will be going on a wine tour this summer with my mom and aunt. It is my birthday gift as I am turning 21 and I cannot wait!

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