Here’s What I Thought About Doing a Cleanse

I recently did an ItWorks Cleanse and here are my thoughts on it.

1. Take it as a shot

The first sip was alright, however as I kept drinking, it kept getting worse.  By the fourth bottle, I was plugging my nose and chugging it.  I would suggest a chaser of water, that will also help you get the 8 glasses of water that you need to drink per day on the cleanse.

2. Only 2 days

I like that fact that the cleanse lasts for only 2 days.  There are a lot of cleanses and detoxes out there that want you to do it for 7 or 10 days which can be hard for a lot of people to stick with for that amount of time.

3. Great results

I lost 5 pounds in the 2 days of this cleanse.  Yes, it was all water weight, but that is still fairly significant.  It makes you think about all the gross stuff that builds up in your body and really motivates me to keep doing cleanses each month.

4. Helps your overall lifestyle

While on this cleanse you are not allowed to eat junk food or processed foods.  The goal of this is to get you to change your overall lifestyle up.  While I haven’t cut out junk food cold turkey, I have started meal prepping and planning to ensure I am making healthier decisions.  I have also kept on drinking 90 oz. of water each day, and I have been feeling great!

Overall, I would recommend this cleanse to others.  It is pricy, but it is a great way to clean out your body.  You spring clean your home, so you mine as well do some internal spring cleaning as well.

If you try it out, let me know the results that you got in the comments below.  Also, share some other cleanses and detoxes you have done.  Until next time lovelies!

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