ABS-olutely Stimulating

Everyone dreams about having a six pack, but reality is that most people don’t. I wish it was as easy as laughing so hard that the six pack would just form, but unfortunately it is not. Here are some ab workouts that I like to do (and that will hopefully lead to that six pack I’ve been dreaming of).

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are crunches…in reverse. Rather than bringing your head up to your knees you bring your knees back towards your head. If you are a beginner, crossing your legs will make this exercise less straining. I typically do 3 sets of 25.

Russian Twists

Most of you have probably heard of these as they are a fairly common ab workout. You bend your knees and raise your feet slightly off the ground, and twist back and forth. You could also use an exercise ball to work your ab muscles even more. I typically do 3 sets of 40.


The name of this exercise says it all. You bend your knees back and tap the sides of each feet with your hands, and it really does feel like you are waddling like a penguin would. If you put your feet so that they are touching, it works your abs better. I will do 3 sets of 100 (50 each side).


Most people already know how to do these. The picture shows it pretty well. I do 4 sets of 25.

Side Crunches

When first introduced to these in high school, my best friend said she felt like a ‘fish out of water’ while doing these. The main goal is to get your legs and shoulder off the ground as illustrated in the above picture. I do 2 sets of 25 on each side.

Leg Raises

These are my least favorite exercise. It is pretty simple and there is not much to explain. You lay flat on your back and lift your legs slightly into the air and hold it there. I usually try to hold it for 1 minute, but I usually take a rest at 30 seconds.

Hopefully these exercises will help you get those abs of steel. What are some of your favorite ab workouts? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time lovelies!

Summer Plans

We figured we would share some of our plans for the summer with you all. Maybe it will give you some ideas on what to do with your summer 2019.

Wisco Girl Plans

Wisconsin Dells

The Wisco Girls are all heading to the Dells for Hana’s 21st. We will stay for the weekend and swim, shop, and go out on the town.


We have a few different trails planned for hiking this summer which will make for great posts on our Wisco Girl Trails blog page. We have Governor Dodge, Astico, and Mirror Lake planned so far, and possibly a few that we do on our own.

Camping Trip

We will be roughing it in tents come the end of summer. The campground is reserved and we are excited for a nice weekend getaway in nature.

Abby’s Plans

I am doing a lot of traveling with family and friends. All are mostly outdoors of course.

Trip Around Wisconsin

Every year growing up, my family and I would pack up the back of our large family van (there is 9 kids total from a blended family) and drive for one week around Wisconsin. We wouldn’t know where we were going but Mom and Dad would mostly pick one section of Wisconsin. Well, life went on, we all grew up, but Mom decided we needed to bring the crew together this summer. Again, we don’t know where in Wisconsin we will end up but it’s always a great time with the fam!

Island Lake – Mercer, WI

My boyfriend and his family have a cabin on Island Lake waaaaayyy up in Mercer, WI. We go up there to celebrate Memorial day, 4th of July, and Labor day! It’s so nice to relax up where it’s quiet, no cell phone reception, and just good family time.

Country USA

I am so excited to be going to CUSA for the first time ever this year!! I am a HUGE country fan, actually thanks to Wisco Girl Kelly! This is a MUST if you are ever in Wisconsin around summer time. Country fans ALWAYS know how to have a good time.

Kelly’s Plans

The main thing I have planned this summer is hiking trails and camping.

Wisconsin Dells Weekend

A close friend of mine is turning 21 this year and we’re heading to the Dells to celebrate! It is a whole weekend away which sounds amazing to any single mom because let’s be honest, everyone needs a sanity break. Currently in the process of reserving rooms and she’s really excited but I’m not sure if she’ll remember most of the weekend.

Mirror Lake

My other major plan for the summer is a weekend camping trip with friends to Mirror Lake. We have a spot reserved already and equipment inventory is in process. I’m really excited since I haven’t been camping since I was 10 years old.

Hana’s Plans

Noah’s Ark-Wisconsin Dells

My sister and I go here every year in June when they have ‘A Days’. If you had an A on your report card, you are able to get in for free. It is so much fun every year.

Nashville, Tennessee

I will be going on a week long trip down to Nashville with some of my family. I can’t wait to see all the sights and just wander around downtown.

Portland, Oregon

One of my best friends recently moved out to Oregon so I figured it was time that I make her a visit. I have been here once before and it is my favorite state, it is beautiful. I am hoping to do some hiking, and my friend is a photographer so there should be some great pictures to share with you all on our Wisco Girl Trails Blog Page.

Six Flags

My boyfriend and I have season passes, so we will most likely be making quite a few trips here this summer. We usually go with some other friends, but also might make a few solo trips.

Wine Tour

I will be going on a wine tour this summer with my mom and aunt. It is my birthday gift as I am turning 21 and I cannot wait!

Here’s What I Thought About Doing a Cleanse

I recently did an ItWorks Cleanse and here are my thoughts on it.

1. Take it as a shot

The first sip was alright, however as I kept drinking, it kept getting worse.  By the fourth bottle, I was plugging my nose and chugging it.  I would suggest a chaser of water, that will also help you get the 8 glasses of water that you need to drink per day on the cleanse.

2. Only 2 days

I like that fact that the cleanse lasts for only 2 days.  There are a lot of cleanses and detoxes out there that want you to do it for 7 or 10 days which can be hard for a lot of people to stick with for that amount of time.

3. Great results

I lost 5 pounds in the 2 days of this cleanse.  Yes, it was all water weight, but that is still fairly significant.  It makes you think about all the gross stuff that builds up in your body and really motivates me to keep doing cleanses each month.

4. Helps your overall lifestyle

While on this cleanse you are not allowed to eat junk food or processed foods.  The goal of this is to get you to change your overall lifestyle up.  While I haven’t cut out junk food cold turkey, I have started meal prepping and planning to ensure I am making healthier decisions.  I have also kept on drinking 90 oz. of water each day, and I have been feeling great!

Overall, I would recommend this cleanse to others.  It is pricy, but it is a great way to clean out your body.  You spring clean your home, so you mine as well do some internal spring cleaning as well.

If you try it out, let me know the results that you got in the comments below.  Also, share some other cleanses and detoxes you have done.  Until next time lovelies!

Where Have We Been?

Good Morning lovelies!

As you have noticed, our posting has been lacking a bit. Unfortunately, life happened for us. With wrapping up finals week, end-of-the-year teacher meetings, and life changes, it became hard to find time to sit down and write a post for our lovely readers and followers. But now that things are starting to wrap up, we are hoping to be able to get back up to our three posts a week schedule. Ideas and drafts are in the making as well as a slight restructure to the type of posts that will be featured on days of the week.

Concerning our other blog, Wisco Girl Trails, we have trails selected and three scheduled for the summer. Our first group hike will be taking place on June 1st, weather permitting of course. So fingers crossed!

Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, and followed our blog(s). We appreciate all you lovely people taking the time to do so!


See the person in front of you. They smile, laugh and engage with those around them. You think to yourself, ‘They really have their life together and will definitely go far.’

What you may not know is that when at home or alone, they are struggling to go through everyday routines. They could have be sleeping too much or too little, feel numb to things around them or have a sense of hopelessness, having thoughts or memories that they are unable to shake, or may even be thinking of harming themselves. It is very easy for people to smile and put on a mask that hides what they are really going through or struggling with. Just because they don’t show the outward signs, that does not mean there is not a daily struggle.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and our social well-being, in other words, how we think, feel, and act. It is also a factor in how we handle stress, manage relationships, and make decisions. Having a positive mental health is important through every life stage, from childhood and through adulthood.

While there are biological factors that contribute to mental health, such as genes or family history, that does not exclude life experiences like trauma or abuse.

The Stigma

Whenever someone hears the words ‘mental illness’ or ‘mental health’, right away a negative view is formed, even if subconciously. Even though people may accept the medical or the genetic explaination of the condition and treatments available, there is still that negatitve feeling attached to those words.

There is still a lack of understanding on what really is mental health or how this negative stigma can affect the person who struggles with the mental illness and their families as well. The persona who suffers from the illness can feel shame for having issues and this can lead to isolation. As unfortunate as it is, they face or have experienced harassment, bullying, violence, and discrimination when looking for employment or housing. The stigma can also prevent them from seeking help due to the shame/humiliation they feel, which only makes it worse.

Not Alone

You are not alone. That is very important to remember. 1 in 4 Americans have a mental illness of some kind. Stay connected with others and get support. You do matter and there is hope.

Very Well Mind – Mental Illness and Stigma

MentalHealth.gov – Let’s Talk About It

Workout Wednesdays: Flex Those Pecs

Let’s be real here. Everyone always finds it sexy or fun to be able to do this.

Who doesn’t? However, it will not happen over night. Hard work, exercising daily, and eating right. And just like with any other goal… commitment.

Unfortunately, our chest exercise knowledge is basic and we are at a beginner level. So what we ended up doing was asking one of our friends to give us a few beginner chest exercises, to which he happily agreed. Eventually, we hope to get to heavier weights and more challenging exercises.

Wisco Girl 4 Beginner Chest Exercises

Push Ups

Keep your body in a straight line throughout the movement.

3 Sets 10 Reps 30 Second Rest

Image From Pop Sugar

Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Slowly lower the dumbbells to the sides and when you feel a stretch in your chest, bring them slowly back up. Be careful not to go too far or you may hurt yourself.

3 Sets 10 Reps 60 Second Rest

Image From Miss Athletique

Bodyweight Dips

Make sure your torso stays perpendicular to the ground. Keep this posture throughout the movement. Be sure to lower yourself as far as possible.

3 Sets 10 Reps 60 Second Rest

Image From Fitness Purity

Dumbbell Bench Press

Lower the dumbbells to where they are outside of your shoulders then push them back up.

3 Sets 10 Reps 60 Second Rest

Image From Womenly

What level are you at? Any pointers for these beginners in their muscle building journey?

Until next time lovelies!