Get Out and Go!

With spring finally here in Wisconsin (where you can experience all four seasons in a week πŸ˜’ ), it is that time of year again where people start looking for events to partake in as part of their New Year’s resolution. Some have already started while others are just getting underway. Below are some suggestions of events that take place in various locations. Make sure you register early enough for a discount or watch for promos!

Plan to Concur

Bubble Run

If you can’t tell by the photo or name, this is a wonderfully colorful bubbly run. It is for all ages and you can play at each bubble station but I recommend you do not taste the bubbles even though they are non-toxic. Also if you are short like me, take a tall friend with you because those stations can create bubble towers.

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Terrain Race

Obstacles and mud! Many different obstacles along this 5K race. Great endurance training for you can pay for unlimited laps and push yourself beyond your limits. The difference between this one and Tough Mudder is that you can push through it by yourself but for me it is always more fun to do as a group. Nothing better than team building (in my opinion).

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Tough Mudder

It is great for team building since these courses are designed for it specifically. Faced with best-in-class obstacles and you experience heart-pumping adrenaline. My workplace has been participating in these events for a couple years and everyone always has a ton of fun. They have many different challenges for anyone looking to push themselves to or past their breaking point.

Pick Your Challenge

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Foam Glow

It is similar to the Bubble Run. Participants wear white clothing and as they move through each station that is designated to a specific color, they are sprayed with that color. The neat thing is that the whole course is everyone looks like a glowing bug under the black lights. All product used are non-toxic.

All races are dedicate to Childhood Cancer Awareness.

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Still looking for something to do? Try visiting Active. I found most of the events I am debating to do or already registered for (Bubble Run hands down! Whoo!).

Feel free to drop those thoughts bouncing around in your head or share any events that hold your interest in the commentsπŸ‘‡ below πŸ‘‡. Doo it, do it now 😁

Until next time my lovelies!!!

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