Treat Yo’ Self!

If you know the TV show “Parks and Recreation” then you know this saying. If you DON’T know the show, I highly recommend it. But regardless of the show, everyone needs to treat themselves every once in a while.

Now while the show talks about spending so much money that you basically cry the next day looking at your bank account, there are other ways you can treat yourself and feel good about spending a little on yourself. Here are 10 different ways to Treat Yo’ Self:

  1. Going out to eat if you don’t usually do.
  2. Buying that one thing at the grocery store you always tell yourself you don’t need (you know what I’m talking about).
  3. Buying an outfit that you think makes you look ravishing!
  4. Setting aside a day to spend time with the people that make you happy.
  5. Finding time to binge watch that show you have always wanted to watch.
  6. Spending a little too much at the bar (but drink responsibly and DO NOT DRIVE!)
  7. Buy that one item that you wished you got for a birthday/christmas/anniversary/special occasion present just for yourself.
  8. If you have the funds, book a flight or a mini vacation for yourself.
  9. Find a quiet place to be alone, read a book, and relax.
  10. Do one thing you have always wanted to do but were never able to.

The main idea behind “Treat Yo’ Self” Day is to allow yourself to be happy and to find something that makes you feel alive! We all need just one day to remind ourselves that we are important. We matter, and we need to take care of ourselves. Even if that means splurging on ourselves for once!

Photo by from Pexels

I have three words lovelies. Treat Yo’ Self!!!!

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